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House Rewiring

To rewire a home, we should remove the outdated wiring inside the walls and install new and modern wiring that meet current electrical safety needs. Our licensed electricians will strip out the old wiring and run new wiring throughout the entire house. 

We will also install a new circuit breaker panel to ensure that the load of the new wiring system is handled. We ensure that the building codes for your electric wiring are met. Reasons your home needs to be rewired:

  • Flickering lights
  • Popping sound in outlets
  • Tripped breakers.
24/7 Service

24/7 Service

Fully Equipped

Fully Equipped

Certified installers

Certified installers

A home inspection during the buying process typically reveals if rewiring is recommended or necessary. Older homes usually require rewiring. One indication of old wiring is knob and tube wiring, which was common through the mid 1900s. 

With this type of wiring, ceramic tubes are used to protect the wire going through studs or joists and ceramic knobs are used as support along the wire. Another sign of outdated wiring is to find round fuses in the electrical panel instead of modern breaker switches. In this case rewiring a house is recommended.

Living in a home with older wiring and your circuit breakers trip often, lights flicker frequently, the light switches feel warm to the touch, or there is a burning or odd smell coming from an outlet? Call North Electric and we will send our technician over to check it out for you.

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