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Electrical Service Panel upgrade

The electric service panel connects the external wires coming from the street to the internal wires of your electric system at home. The service panel is the central distribution point of electricity that connects the service wire (the main wire bringing electricity from the outside to the house) to the exit wires that branches off to service different parts of the house. That is why these exit wires are called branch circuits or branch wire circuits. It also contains protective fuses or circuit breakers for each circuit in a common enclosure. The electrical service panel provides 100, 200, or more amps of power to a home. Older homes may still be using fuse boxes with four fuses, or aluminum wires. Reasons you should upgrade your electrical service panel:
  • Safety concerns
  • Adding a pool, hot tub or any other electrical device that consumes more power than usual.
  • Require more power after a renovation
  • Adding a new equipment such as EV Charging station
24/7 Service

24/7 Service

Fully Equipped

Fully Equipped

Certified installers

Certified installers

We can help you upgrade the electrical panel to 100, 200, or 400 Amps.

When we perform the upgrade work, we also diagnose your existing panel board issues, consider any faulty protection, change parts if needed, pull required ESA permits, make arrangements with the power supply distributor in your area and provide you with ESA Certificate of Acceptance when the work is complete.

Call us today for your electrical service panel upgrade and we will get back to you on the same day.

Panel upgrades & sub panels

At North Electric, we provide panel and subpanel upgrades and installation. A main panel is a box installed for the power from the utility company to enter the house. A subpanel acts as a middle ground for the main panel and other types of circuits that are connected to your property.

A panel typically includes a main switch that allows for the power to be connected and disconnected. It also includes the subpanels associated with the property. The panel provides, controls, and regulates the power. Sometimes there are up to six breakers to control subpanels and other circuits, but in general most main panels have one main breaker.

The subpanel acts as a type of intermediary between circuits that are part of the property and the main panel. These connect directly through a special type of circuit feeder and include a breaker at either end. They may include additional subpanels and are very similar to the main panel. Subpanels are unable to push more power in an independent manner. They receive electricity from the main panel on the property.

Subpanels help you separate circuits for the most efficient operation. Subpanels may be placed anywhere which helps with providing a boost to the safety of your home. In case a fire or other emergency occurs, you can turn off the subpanels if they are outside of the building to avoid injury, increased severity of the fire, and prevent electrocution.

Subpanels allow you to safely add extra circuits without compromising the limitations of the main panel. These also allow the power to be evenly distributed throughout the property and eliminate too much of electrical load on any one area. You must always ensure that your subpanel has the proper capacity to handle the amperage that you need it to control. The size of it depends on the application that you are planning to use the subpanel for.

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